Half-Trainer, Half-Entertainer

Professional Development Sessions

Early Childhood TLC offers both in-person and virtual training services on a variety of topics. Brandon's professional development sessions provide practical strategies that are based on over 300 CLASS observations. His "half-trainer, half-entertainer" style of presenting will keep the audience engaged while he intertwines developmentally appropriate content with simple application strategies and musical performances.


Tired of simply seeing a "talking head" during virtual trainings? Brandon uses a unique virtual training room to provide an experience that closely replicates what you would see and hear during an in-person event. See a full body presenter while hearing clear sound and music. See the sessions and topics offered below. Interested in hosting a training or bringing EC TLC to your conference? Click on the "Request a Training" button on the home screen or email earlychildhoodtlc@gmail.com.


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General Sessions

FUN with TLC - Length as Requested
Early childhood educators know how to have a good time, but our "fun meter" can get run down while dealing with the stressors in our own lives, in lives of the children and families we serve, and required documentation. Let's take on the mind frame of having more fun in our classrooms and with our co-workers. Get turned-up for some team competitions while also experiencing new music for your classroom. You will have gotten in your workout for the day by the end of this session!!
NOTE: Competitions are only available for in-person sessions.
Development by Design: B-5 and Beyond - 90 Minutes

All of us have evolved with the same human design we inherited from our ancestors. We are designed to move, utilize sensory information to explore the environment, and have human-to-human interactions. Although the human species hasn't changed much over the years, the environment we are living in has changed drastically. Today's environment doesn't require much movement, baby gear and a lack of tummy time are diminishing the development of motor skills, and technology and screens are constantly taking away from human-to-human interactions. In this session, we'll discuss how today's "modern environment" adversely matches up with our human design from birth to five and how we can all promote natural child development for the population we serve.

B3 Sessions

Utilizing Visuals to Guide Routines and Communicate Behavioral Expectations - 1.5-2 Hours

Young children have a better understanding of the world and feel more secure when things happen in the same order each day. This session will focus on helping early educators, home visitors, and families implement a consistent daily schedule filled with repetitive routines. We'll also discuss utilizing variety of visuals to help children understand rules and expectations, as well as, helping them cope with transitions.

Development by Design: B-3 and Beyond - 90 Minutes

This session will focus on the importance of tracking sensory and motor milestones in infants and toddlers while also focusing on the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. We'll discuss the importance of limiting baby gear and screens, and how they can detrimental to child development.

PreK Sessions

Tackling Transitions - 1.5-2 Hours

Transitions can be tough, especially if children are asked to sit still and remain quiet while simply waiting. This session will demonstrate techniques to utilize transition times as an opportunity to reinforce current classroom topics. We'll discuss classroom management strategies for minimizing transitions throughout the daily routine and identify the various types of transitions teachers must plan throughout their day. Songs, rhymes, and activities for each type of transition will be demonstrated.

Setting the Tone with Circle Time - 1.5-2 Hours

Morning routines are vital part of early childhood classrooms and often set the tone for the rest of the day. There is no "one-size fits all" prescription, though, because every classroom is different. Recent observations have revealed that many teachers are struggling to provide productive morning routines with children, while also having to navigate meal preparations, restrooms, and handwashing. Let's think about your specific classroom environment, and experience routines to help you keep children engaged all morning long including circle time.

Hitting CLASS Indicators with Visual and Charts - 90 Minutes

The best way to deal with challenging behavior is to take measures to help prevent it from happening. Let's explore the Classroom Organization domain of the CLASS tool, as we share proactive strategies for providing clear behavior expectations in various areas and daily components of your classroom.

Hitting CLASS Indicators with Music and Movement

A recent study (Allar, Jones and Bulger, 2017) found that it would be advantageous to incorporate components of the CLASS tool into "I am Moving, I am Learning" (IMIL) staff development trainings. This session demonstrates how simple it can be to hit CLASS indicators with teacher lead music and movement.

CLASS Introduction and Overview - 3-6 Hours

This session provides details regarding the CLASS tool to help educators understand what to expect during observations and how scores are assigned. Each Domain and Dimension is explained in detail while participants engage in sample classroom activities that demonstrate the indicators and behavior markers.

CLASS Review Preparation Training (Up to 6 Hours)

This session is similar to the CLASS Introduction and Overview session listed above; however, programs may request specific sessions/activities to get at various components of the daily routine (Music and Movement, Book Reading, Meals and Snacks, etc.) or request additional time be spent on an area their education team has found to be a concern during internal observations.

Classroom Organization and Transitions (6 Hours)

This is a great full-day training for "pre-service." It includes the following sessions: Hitting CLASS Indicators with Visuals and Charts, Setting the Tone with Circle Time, and Tackling Transitions.

Strategic Story Time - 1.5-2 Hours

Book reading is a critical part of early literacy and should be a daily occurrence in all pre-k classrooms. However, reading to a group of children can be a challenge resulting in the mindset of, "Let's just get through the book!" This session will take a before-during-after approach to help keep children engaged throughout story time.

Hitting CLASS Indicators During Meals, Snacks and Toothbrushing - 1 Hour

This session demonstrates simple strategies for scoring well when CLASS observations take place during meals, snacks and toothbrushing. Note: This session may not be appropriate when toothbrushing and family style meals are not being implemented during Covid 19.

JUST TLC SONGS - Length as Requested

This session is designed for programs who have purchased EC TLC music. Songs will be facilitated in ways that hit CLASS indicators while also providing suggestions for when and how to best utilize the songs. Extension activities, modifications to movements/lyrics, and suggestions for making the song your own to help keep it novel will also be shared.

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