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Welcome to the only place to find children’s music with a mainstream sound. Brandon has admirations of becoming the “Weird Al Yankovic” of early childhood by creating parodies that transform mainstream songs into children’s music. Brandon has a gift for turning inappropriate mainstream songs into moving and learning opportunities for children, families, teachers and OT/PT therapists. He’s utilized knowledge gained from his teaching and observation experiences to design songs specifically for classroom use, such as: The Clean-Up Countdown, Stop-Drop-Clean-Up Shop, Who’s Coming to the Rug, The Way You Walk, and many others. Brandon also integrates specific movements that are often present in OT/PT settings into his music to provide a fun twist to therapy sessions and provide opportunities to facilitate therapy movements in the classroom. A few of these songs include Johnny Works with His Hands, Make a Handle-Make a Spout, The Lying Down Song, and The Add on Game. You can hear samples of every song by clicking on the picture of the song, and then hitting the “play” button underneath the “description.”

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