Teacher Observations

Half-Trainer, Half-Entertainer

Need help preparing for your federal CLASS review or looking for a set of eyes "outside of your program" to help increase CLASS scores? Brandon has been a certified PreK CLASS observer since 2014. He first helped a program prepare for their federal CLASS review in December 2016. Since then, he has observed more than 300 classrooms in 15 different programs across 6 states: PA, OH, WV, TN, IN and MD. He has developed an approach that provides specific recommendations for improving CLASS scores for individual classrooms utilizing the activities that were facilitated during the observation. Teachers have found this to be more beneficial than receiving "generalized statements" relating to CLASS. Programs have also had Brandon take on a "coaching" role for specific teachers while spending a half or full day in a single classroom.  Interested in learning more about CLASS observations or coaching through Early Childhood TLC? Complete a Service Request Form or email earlychildhoodtlc@gmail.com. References are provided upon request.